Why shop local @ shopiom.im?

"Shop Local". It's something you hear a lot - especially when you live on a small island. We all want to encourage local businesses, but sometimes it can feel like it's not that so simpleSo why should you? What happens when you shop local?

Shopping locally benefits your community in very real ways which, in turn, benefit you. Local retailers, for example, pay proportionally more in taxes than the globe-straddling conglomerates we all know well. They can provide in-depth local knowledge that huge, internet-based retailers simply can't match, alongside a level of personal service and history which often goes back generations. And they employ local people who, like their employers, pay their taxes and rates and spend their money in our local economy - all of which directly benefits the Isle of Man.

Independent retailers often aren't tied to stocking particular products meaning that, by building a relationship with their customers, they can supply whatever’s in demand. Since all ShopIOM listed businesses are Island-based, their reputation is a valuable asset - meaning they are confident that their products and services are of a high standard. If you’d like to view an item before purchasing, many of our retailers have high street shops where you can see products first-hand and ask the owner for advice. You save on postal costs by collecting items in store and, if there’s a problem, you can return your purchase without complication or expense.

Supporting local businesses helps protect local industry and jobs. Local suppliers often have knowledge of unique speciality products such as locally-made foodstuffs and craft items made on the Island. ShopIOM also provides an online presence to local entrepreneurs and artisans who can’t be found on the Manx high street, with the assurance that they conform to Island trading standards. 

It's been said that you get back what you put in, so why not find out and shop local @ shopiom.im? 

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